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KOKEN manufactures drilling machines and equipment of all the kinds according to customer specifications

Rotary percussion drills “Arrow drill, RPD series”

KOKEN RPD (arrow drill) equipped with a hydraulic driven percussion unit developed using KOKEN original know-how are capable of very rapid drilling under any angles from horizontal to vertical. The RPD arrow drills with the newly incorporated hydraulic operated percussion function added to the conventional rotational and feeding functions are capable of drilling holes through rocks and hard formations such as conglomerates and boulders.

With its wide selection of RPD arrow drills ranging from one of the largest ones in the world, the RPD-200, to the small and compact RPD-20, KOKEN is able to supply contractors with the machine that is best adapted to their drilling work.


Water Well Drilling Rigs – Power swivel type “FSW Series” and Rotary table type “RTW Series”

KOKEN water well drilling rigs are in use today in many countries developing groundwater resources to satisfy people’s need for clean water.


Big Hole Rock Borers “BIG MAN series & others”

Raise Drills, Reverse Circulation Drills, Rotary Table Machines and Shield Raise Machines

BIG MAN, the first raise drill developed in Japan, has accomplished full mechanization of raise drilling. With its unique mechanisms and dynamic performance, BIG MAN has a wide range of applications such as well drilling, ventilation shaft drilling and large diameter foundation piling hole drilling for buildings and landslide prevention. BIG MAN is capable of easy drilling at any type of geological formation.


Power Swivel type Long Feed Drills

Speed SPA Drill “SSD series”, Compact type water well drill “SESERAGI GOU”

Speed SPA Drill has many functions and was developed for various needs or demands .Derrickless long feed method can drill to a maximum of 9 m (SSD-3000) depth per one rod each. As this machine does not need any derrick, it saves time, cost less and is also safe to work with.

The machinery is adaptable for drilling with down the hole hammer, three cone bits and also various type of tools. It is suitable for accurate and fast drilling in all type of hard geological condition including boulder and pebble.


Spindle Type Boring Machines (Core drills)

Core drilling, Mineral prospecting drilling, Geological survey drilling, Water well drilling

KOKEN Spindle type boring machines (Core drills) have been designed and manufactured based on our many years field experience. These drilling machines are compact in shape and strongly built , they are reliable in every field condition soft to hard formation strata, for small to large diameter, on or offshore, etc.

They are now being operated in many places in the world with excellent results.

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