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Wacker Chemical Products

Wacker Chemie AG is a globally operating chemical company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Its portfolio focuses on silicone chemistry, polymer chemistry, fine chemicals and biotech products, polysilicon, wafers and hyperpure silicon monocrystals.

? Business Divisions

ranks among the world’s leading producers of hyperpure silicon, the indispensable starting material for the semiconductor industry’s highly complex electronic devices. Siltronic’s leading-edge technology ensures long-term growth and innovation in this key industry.
is one of the world’s leading silane and silicone producers. Silicones offer highly diverse product properties for virtually unlimited applications. Thanks to their excellent characteristics, silicone products are ideal for intelligent, customized solutions in a broad range of industries.

is the global market leader in high-quality binders and polymer additives. The product portfolio includes construction chemicals and functional polymers for surface coatings and other industrial applications, as well as base chemicals (acetyls). WACKER POLYMERS’ redispersible powders, dispersions, solid resins, powder binders and surface coating resins are used in the construction, automotive, paper and adhesives industries, as well as by manufactures of printing inks and industrial paints.

provides worldwide tailored solutions for its customers in the life sciences and consumer care industries. It focuses on organic fine chemicals, exclusive synthesis and biotechnology. WACKER FINE CHEMICALS is a preferred partner for challenging chemical and biotech custom manufacturing projects which serve, for example, as the basis for creating novel pharmaceutical active ingredients. The range of products includes complex organic intermediates, organosilanes, chiral active ingredients, cyclodextrins, cysteines and unnatural amino acids, as well as various chemical starting materials.

produces hyperpure silicon for the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries. As one of the major manufactures of polycrystalline silicon worldwide WACKER POLYSILICON supplies leading wafer and solar-cell companies. Production capacities are currently being boosted at our Burghausen site to meet expected growth in polycrystalline silicon demand.

? What are Silicones?
WACKER has pioneered silicon chemistry in Europe. For more than 50 years, we have been carrying out intensive R&D in silicone technology, which has led to a large number of patents for process engineering and applied technology. Today, with more than 2,000 different silicone products in our range, WACKER SILICONES is one of the world’s leading silicone manufacturers.

Silicones, known chemically as polyorganosiloxanes, have a structure similar to that of organically modified quartz, with a backbone consisting of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms.

Their properties can be modified by attaching different organic groups to the backbone. Nearly all silicone products are derived from the following three types of raw materials:
• Silicone fluids
• Silicone rubbers
• Silicone resins

WACKER SILICONES have almost unlimited applications because they possess outstanding properties, such as high resistance to temperature extremes, excellent water repellency, outstanding electrical insulation properties, high flexibility, excellent release properties and – not least – exceptional environmental compatibility.

In tune with tomorrow – that means attractive products, superior quality, modern logistics, excellent customer service and enormous ingenuity.

? Silanes and Siloxanes
Silanes and siloxanes are silicon-based intermediates which find application in a wide variety of areas. Silane intermediate structures produced by WACKER on an industrial scale via the Müller-Rochow process include dimethyldichloro silanes, methyltrichloro silanes and trimethylchloro silanes which are further processed into silicone fluids, silicone-based elastomers and silicone resins.

Furthermore trichlorosilane is produced on large scale from metallurgical silicon and hydrogen chlorine in a fluidized bed process. After distillation the trichlorosilane is used for the manufacture of hyperpure polysilicon required for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry as well as for silicon wafer epitaxy.

Trichloro silanes equally form the basis for the synthesis of organofunctional silanes. Further down-stream products from the Müller-Rochow process are the Organo Silanes which are used in the chemical synthesis, for Pharma, Agro and other applications. These Silanes are mostly used as protective groups, reduction agents, synthons, splitting agents and as non-nucleophilic bases. Organofunctional silanes, however, are silicon compounds containing both an organic function – typically amino, epoxy or methacrylato – bonded via a carbon spacer to the trialkoxysilyl moiety. The latter being able to react with an inorganic substrate.

Functional siloxanes encompass reactive groups e.g. hydroxy, amino or epoxy as well as a selection of further organic substituents. Due to their high substrate affinity siloxanes that have been functionalized find use in textile auxiliaries, cosmetic and polish applications, to name just a few areas.

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