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Zoom Stereomicroscope SZ51

The smart choice for value and versatility

The SZ51′s sharp, clear stereoscopic imaging, 5:1 zoom capability, and easy, stress-free operation ensure cost-effective, all-round performance that’s perfect for any routine task.

Zoom Stereomicroscope SZ51

High-quality optics in a compact body

Exclusive ComfortView eyepieces for reduced eyestrain

Research System Stereomicroscope SZX16

Top-of-the-line stereomicroscope performance for advanced research

Wide-ranging 16.4:1 zoom ratio for macro-to-micro stereoscopic viewing
Ultra-wide 16.4:1 zoom ratio

The SZX16 boasts an ultra-wide zoom ratio of 16.4:1, enabling 7x-115x magnification with a 1x objective, and up to 230x magnification with a 2x objective. This outstanding zoom range makes the SZX16 ideal for a wide range of research applications, with low-magnification macro views for dissection and specimen manipulation, and ultra-sharp high-magnification views for close observation of microstructures.

Stereo Microscope SZX7

Outstanding value, expandability, and a wide zoom range for routine work

Ergonomically designed for operator comfort, the SZX7 features 7:1 wide-ratio zoom capability with high-quality Galilean optics for outstanding system expandability. Versatile enough to handle a wide variety of routine tasks, it delivers the cost-effective quality and value that busy research and production environments need.

Main Features
1. System expandability and a wide 7:1 zoom ratio for routine work versatility
7:1 wide-ratio zoom

Covering a zoom magnification range of 8x-56x with its 1x objective, and offering up to 112x magnification with a 2x objective, the SZX7′s macro-to-micro versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of routine observation and inspection tasks.

Inverted Microscope

Research Inverted Microscope IX83/IX73/IX53

The new IX3 is a highly expandable platform for live cell imaging designed with the scientist’s workflow in mind.

Built on a robust foundation and able to grow as your needs evolve, the IX3 features flexible construction with an easy-access light-path and offers high-definition widefield imaging with minimal loss of light.
Equipped with a camera, the IX3 provides fast user-friendly, high resolution digital imaging with high reproducibility.

In the life science and medical research fields, significant advanced research has been actively carried out on live cells to reveal the roles and the functions of proteins or neurons, with findings applied to drug discoveries or new research domains. Inverted microscopes have been a powerful tool for observing a wide range of specimens such as live cells or fixed samples in these research fields.
But achieving expected imaging results requires considerable experience and advanced knowledge about microscopes, including how to properly exchange multiple units on systems or expand capabilities to meet research purposes. These circumstances present a major challenge to increase efficiency and improve microscope operations.
Olympus introduces the new research inverted microscope IX3 Series, which intrinsically features expandability of its microscope frame, is easy to use thanks to digital technology developed over many years of innovation and optimized optical performance through its technology.


Consistent, cost-efficient basic performance for long-term clinical and educational use

Expand Your Viewing Range while Maintaining Exceptional Flatness.

Biological Microscope CX22LED



Nippon Longyear Co.,Ltd., which was 100% owned by Longyear Company at Minneapolis,U.S.A., was established in Japan in 1956. Since then Nippon Longyear had been manufacturing and marketing Drilling equipment,Wireline system,civil engineering equipment under Longyear patents and licence.

As of June 1, 1983, Nippon Longyear transferred all the rights of manufacturing and marketing on Longyear products to NLC Co.,Ltd. that was authorized by Longyear Co. NLC commenced manufacturing and marketing as the successor of Nippon Longyear effective from June 1, 1983.





  1. Versatility : Both High speed and low speed,PJ Headis available (Optional for NL-500)
  2. Function-Oriented : Central Control System, Hydraulic Sliding Head, Mast Slide and Rod Connection Support (Optional for NL-500)
  3. High Productivity : Easy set-up in a proper Bit Weight & Speed
  4. Mobility (when trailer mounted)
  5. Heli-portability
  6. Option :Trailer Mount, Crawler Mount, Outrigger, Mud Pump & Mixer

Geotech Instrument

Geotech Instrument

  • SMART-24A Strong Motion Recorder
  • SMART-24B Borehole Digitizer
  • SMART-24D Digitizer
  • SMART-24R Recorder

Manuli Rubber

Manuli Rubber

  • FreeFlex Hoses
  • Single Carcass Hoses
  • Double Carcass Hoses





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