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Laboratory Equipment

MSC Class I

SafeFAST Class I type safety cabinets provide operator and environmental protection but are not designed to protect the product. The unit is an open-fronted exhaust cabinet inside of which operator can carry out manipulations of low and moderate risk biological agents.


Air from external environment is directly drawn inside the working chamber preventing from the pathogens being split to the external environment. Inlet air is filtered by means of G3 pre-filter located behind the rear panel before being exhausted through the HEPA H14 filter on the environment.



Scandinavian design and Ultimate performance technology

Less consumption– cleaner environment

ARCTIKO can meet any application between -164°C to +15°C. We are constantly innovating to reduce the energy consumption of our freezers. By using our patented single compressor system, you use 40-50% less energy. Our units have a lower heat dissipation than other products on the market, and therefore, you make significant savings on your air-conditioning bills too.

CO2 Care

The climate changes are the cause of major concerns nowadays in the world, and the CO2 emissions are the main factor of the global warming. If they are not reduced, the environment may suffer irreversible consequences. Everyone has to take more responsi­bility and make a difference. At ARCTIKO, we are dedicated in finding the most energy efficient systems to reduce your energy costs and also be responsi­ble for the environment.

Ultra Low Temperature Freezer


The ULUF -86°C range are products of our passion, striving after excellence when we offer the best in ultra low temperature freezing. Once again, we set new standards with the most user friendly controller in the market. All features such as alarms and data logging functions are always included as standard. This range consists of 9 different models starting from a volume of 7 L. up to 826 L. To facilitate the installation of your freezer, the ULUF 450 and ULUF 850 are now also available with an exterior height of only 2 meters. The ULUF -86°C series is produced with the true and original single compressor technology. Read More… »

Hitachi Spherical Aberration Corrected STEM/SEM HD-2700


Transmission Electron Microscope HT7700

(S)TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope)
Transmission Electron Microscope HT7700


FIB (Focused lon Beam System)

FIB (Focused lon Beam System)

Focused Ion Beam System FB2200

  • Over 60nAmps of ion beam current to enhance sample throughput
  • Low-damage specimen preparation with low accelerating voltage in-situ
  • Pinpoint precision sample preparation of thin films utilizing Hitachi’s patented Micro-sampling(*)
  • Compatible Holders(*) for Hitachi SEM, TEM and STEM for rapid and simple sample transfer for further imaging and analysis

*The instrument shown in photo includes options.

Analytical UHR Schottky Emission Scanning Electron Microscope SU-70


Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU8000 Family (SU8010/SU8020/SU8030/SU8040)


Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU9000

Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU9000


Scanning Electron Microscope SU1510


Scanning Electron Microscope S-3700N

This allows observation of most samples in their natural state, or wet condition, without the need for metal coating which had in the past been required for conventional SEM. The S-3700N has a huge sample chamber and can accommodate samples as large as 300mm in diameter and 110mm high. It has many accessory ports for the wide range of applications today’s microscopists require. These accessories include EDX, WDX, EBSD, Chamber scope,cooling stage and so on. This versatile and flexible system will deal with your needs well into the future.

  • The extra large chamber can accommodate a maximum 300mm diameter sample and EDX/WDX/EBSD accessories simultaneously. It also accommodates a tall sample up to 110mm.
  • 5-axis motorized stage with eucentric tilt and rotation, image navigation system, stage history, stage memory and click to center.
  • User-friendly GUI design that is consistent with the S-4800, SU-70 & the S-3400N to allow operators to easily migrate from tool to tool with minimum training.
  • The display system allows a full-frame, flicker free, high pixel density and real-time image. It also allows simultaneous display of images from two different detectors, each having different sample information, in real-time, including signal mixing.
  • VP mode for observation of non-conductive samples without the need for metal coating.
  • High sensitivity semiconductor BSE detector, that operates at a rapid scan mode. This makes finding areas of interest on large samples easy and convenient.
  • Turbo Molecular Pump (TMP) is standard. This minimizes sample contamination due to its clean and dry vacuum conditions. Unlike conventional diffusion pumped SEM, it does not require large heating power or water re-circulator, making it an energy saving ecological SEM.


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