IR3 LC Flame Detector

IR3 LC Flame Detector

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Product Description

Model - I3L-11-01

There are 3 infrared rays sensors which observe the wavelength of CO2 gas emitted before and after the fire. Then they read the infrared rays’ wavelengths assorted by the range of it and analyze whether the fire is real or not. Because they forward the calculating result came from the three signals, it is possible to expedite the alarm. There are many factors which looks like the fire such as welding, halogen lamp, heat from stove and flame of grinder. This product can choose whether the signal is real or not and make the fire surveillance more correct.

Those are functions of 1st generation Flame Detector. The latest Flame Detector is release currently. With visible light sensor, high quality digital Light Lux feature(automated brightness control) and embedded high quality digital temperature sensor(in case of malfunction in high-temperature area), the monitoring area is enlarged to 50m distance and 100° monitoring angle, in comparison to original feature, 50m distance and 90° monitoring angle. By achieving the 3m close-distance welding, it makes fire surveillance more rapid and more correct in wider range and more unstable of industrial circumstances regardless of indoor area or outdoor. IRC_LC Flame Detector is popular version, so its size, weight and price is highly lowered. Our company has produced non-explosion proof model and its performance is as same as our 3rd generation IR3 Flame Detector. It can be used at not explosion proof site, but industrial site and general building.

Format DC 24 V_ water proof, indoor/outdoor type.
Surveillance distance- Visual angle 50m, 100°
Responding Time average 3 sec
Using Power DC 24V(17V~32V)
Consumed Current 20mA for waiting, 30mA for fire
Temperature in use - 40℃ ~ +80℃
Temperature in storage - 50℃ ~ +90℃
Welding Distance above 3m
Operation Humidity RH 10~95%
Color Silver
Material Aluminium 6061
Size 66㎜ × 66㎜ × 47㎜
Weight approximately 0.45kg
LED color Power : Green LED / fire : Red LED
Relay Alarm A contact point, B contact point, RS485. 0-20mA


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