Non metallic gaskets form an important part of the gasket industries production and KUKIL manufacture them from a most comprehensive
range of materials to ANSI, JIS, KS, BS, DIN, and Continental Standards also to suit clients individual needs and requirements.


  • Standard Pipe joints both graphited and plain are available exstock and are suitable for a wide range of duties.
  • Temperature to 594°C (1100°F)
  • Pressure to 140kg/cm2 (2000lbs f/in2)
  • Qualities available.
  • ASTM F104 F112100
  • ASTM F104 F112500
  • ASTM F104 F112100
  • Acid Resisiant
  • Wire Reinforced etc.

Thickness :

  • 0,2mm (0,08”) to 6,4mm (0,25”)
  • Sheet Sizes
  • 1,2m x 1,2m (48” x 48”) to
  • 3,8m x 3,8m (150” x 150”)

Large size gaskets suitable for BS 3292, SP-44 (or ASME B16.47 Series A), ANSI B16.5 (or ASME/ANSI B16.5), ANSI B16.21 (or ASME B16.21) flanges are available on short deliveries.

The range of materials available include: natural rubber, insertion, neoprene, nitrite, acid resistant, viton, butyl, food quality, hypalon, ethylene propylene, silicone, etc.

Gasket Types