Applied Spectral Imaging’s HiPath imaging system delivers quick and accurate analysis of IHC staining along with standardization result, reproducibility and documentation. Accurate IHC quantitative analysis is achieved by using a highly sensitive color camera attached to a microscope and combined it with state-of the art image analysis. Computer-aided scoring, counting and ratio analysis offer clinically relevant quantitative results through Allred, H-score and M-score automation. GenASIs HiPath supports analysis of a variety of antibodies and bright field ISH samples (e.g. HER2, ER, PR, Ki-67, CISH). FDA is cleared for the following GenASIs applications: ALK, BandView, FISHView, UroVysion, CEP XY & HER2/neu FISH and IHC family for: HER2,ER,PR and ki67.

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