Our Subsidiaries

Our Subsidiaries

Fajar Rawayan Utama

Established in 2007, Fajar Rawayan Utama, or FRU, has quickly grown to become the premier independent heavy equipment rental company in Indonesia.

We offer short- and long-term equipment rentals, or rental purchase options to best fit your equipment needs. FRU provides an economic solution to often expensive machinery demand and is supported with exceptional service and high-quality technicians. Some of our most popular products include the Furukawa Drill and Ingersoll Rand compressors.

Fajar Bumi Harmoni

Fajar Bumi Harmoni, or also known as FBH, is a company engaged in the field of construction.

FBH are committed to providing the best service for our clients as well as providing high quality products.

Fajar Mitra Hutama

Fajar Mitra Hutama, or simply known as FMH, is focusing in after-sales services of well-known products and fabrication.

As an integrated service that offers various kinds of equipment solutions that meet with customer requirement, FMH has a facility that is equipped with complete services such as remanufacturing, service workshop, welding center and training center.