Arctiko True Cooling Specialist


Arctiko True Cooling Specialist

Starting as a general importer in early 1973, PT Fajar Mas Murni has developed into a trading company and manufacturer, representing well-known brand industrial products since May 11, 1978. In line with its vision and mission, PT Fajar Mas Murni is committed to providing after-sales and after-sales services. service in a professional manner.

Equipped with warehouse and workshop facilities complete with professional human resources in their fields. PT Fajar Mas Murni provides services to 4 main groups, namely Industrial Technology, Construction and Mining, Laboratories and Inspections, Process Equipment and Rotary Machinery. We provide the best service by implementing quality standards of safety and health as well as the environment.

ARCTIKO – True Cooling Specialist, can be your first and best choice as a state-of-the-art cooling and freezing solution that can be customized as needed, especially in healthcare and life sciences. One of the most innovative and professional cold chain manufacturers in the world. Known for its ability to provide customized refrigeration and freezing solutions of the highest quality.

Always focused on innovation, great design and market-leading customer service, ARTICKO has witnessed substantial growth and brand recognition in recent years. ARTICKO believes that a passionate approach to every project, when paired with a highly competent team spirit and true refrigeration experts, enables them to make a significant difference to your business.

As an ARCTIKO’s producer in Indonesia, in this article we will briefly describe their products. Classified into six main types of products, namely:

  1. 1. Biomedical Freezer (-30 / -10 °C)
  2. 2. Upright Low Temperature Freezer (-40°C)
  3. 3. Chest Low Temperature Freezer (-45°C)
  4. 4. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (-86°C)
  5. 5. Cryogenic Freezer
  6. 6. Laboratory Freezer & Refrigerator

Of the six classifications above, the most interesting to discuss a little is the Cryogenic Freezer. Cryogenics (cryogenic) is a method of freezing using a gas that is used as a liquid such as nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (Co2). Since a long time, nitrogen is commonly used as a freezer for organic materials for storage and extraction of research materials in the field of applied biology.

ARCTIKO's CRYO -150°C Freezer is an example of our Cryogenic Freezer. It is suitable for long-term preservation such as cells and tissues as well as food products. The CRYO freezer has a dual cooling system, consisting of two independent systems, offering the best safety for your samples. If one refrigeration system fails, the other refrigeration system will maintain the temperature at -130°C until service is provided.

That's a glimpse of ARCTIKO – True Cooling Specialist, detailed descriptions about the specifications of the Freezer CRYO -150°C and other products that PT Fajar Mas Murni advertised will be discussed in the next article.

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