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Tue, 05 July 2022 11:30:am

Hettich Incubator

The HettCube range of incubators provide cost savings and environmental benefits, creating optimal conditions for culture growth with very low power consumption. The HettCube is equipped with or without cooling capability and range capacities from 150-520 liters.

Mon, 16 May 2022 10:30:am

Siemens Energy - DATUM ICS

The DATUM ICS system performs competitively by incorporating Dresser-Rand's proprietary centrifugal separation technology in the compressor housing to efficiently separate liquids from gas streams.

Mon, 09 May 2022 09:30:am

Columbus McKinnon - Yale Hoist & Crane

We advertise the Columbus McKinnon (CMCO) product’s, the best-in-class and most competitive wire rope hoist on the market today. With industry-leading safety features, flexible configurations and a wide range of options. Includes longer lifts, special control options and features for hazardous environments.

Wed, 20 April 2022 14:29:pm

FlexEnergy Flex GT333S

After review the FlexEnergy Flex GT250S, we continue to discuss the FlexEnergy Flex GT333S. The Flex Turbine GT333S which is an upgraded generation of the GT250S system, is the most advanced in the industry with up to 85% CHP efficiency and variable inlet guide vanes.

Mon, 18 April 2022 09:55:am

Micro Turbine FlexEnergy Flex GT250S

Let's discuss the specifications of the FlexEnergy micro turbine that PT FMM is marketing in Indonesia. There are three types of micro turbines, namely Flex GT250S, Flex GT333S and Flex GT1300S. First let's get the Flex GT250S material.

Wed, 13 April 2022 08:00:am

Epiroc FlexiROC T35

The FlexiROC T35 has a well-proven design, drawing on years of experience in mining and construction. FlexiROC T35 has been delivering sustainable results for several years and satisfying many customers around the world.

Thu, 07 April 2022 22:43:pm

Epiroc FlexiROC T45

In this article, we will review 8 types of Surface Drill Rig machines and other equipment produced by Epiroc, namely FlexiROC T45, FlexiROC T35, FlexiROC T40, PowerROC T50, PowerROC T45, PowerROC T35, PowerROC T25 DC, AirROC T35 and D50.

Mon, 04 April 2022 10:06:am

Hettich Lab Technology products to support research in laboratories such as incubators, micro pipettes and shakers.

HETTICH centrifuges and incubators are rugged devices with high precision, guaranteeing safety, quality and reliability. Many options are available for application in all areas of research: biotechnology, clinical, pharmaceutical and food. Different formats are available to suit the size of your laboratory: centrifuge or stand, automatic or manual. PT FMM is the official distributor of HETTICH products in Indonesia.

Mon, 28 March 2022 10:30:am

Ingersoll Rand Dryer Functions and Models D480IN-A

We will discuss the working process of the dryer installed on the Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor. It should be noted that Ingersoll Rand has two types of dryers, namely Refrigerant Dryer and Desiccant Dryer.

Wed, 23 March 2022 10:29:am

PT Fajar Mas Murni advertise several micro turbines produced by FlexEnergy

PT Fajar Mas Murni cooperates with a well-known small gas turbine generator manufacturer (micro turbine) from the United States, namely FlexEnergy. FlexEnergy Solutions provide superior power solutions at the highest value and lowest cost.

Mon, 21 March 2022 08:15:am

Allmand products are marketed by PT Fajar Mas Murni in Indonesia

Allmand products that PT Fajar Mas Murni markets in Indonesia are Light Towers or light towers with long and efficient runtime features.

Fri, 20 August 2021 07:33:am

New logo of PT Fajar Mas Murni

We Are Ready For Change and Committed to Providing The Best Services

"A bright future for the company brings a bright future for employees and vendors too dong by acknowledging all skills and efforts including art and talent... good skills are not developed in a day".

Mon, 10 January 2022 07:33:am

Faster Safety Cabinets available at PT Fajar Mas Murni

FASTER collaborates with PT Fajar Mas Murni to meet the expectations of the Indonesian market and distributors in terms of product quality, range, delivery, price and service.

Tue, 28 December 2021 07:33:am

PT Fajar Mas Murni advertise Yale from Columbus McKinnon

PT Fajar Mas Murni advertise Yale from Columbus McKinnon, the best-in-class and most competitive wire rope hoist on the market today.

Tue, 21 December 2021 07:33:am

Stahlwille can be available at PT Fajar Mas Murni

PT Fajar Mas Murni provides various types of STAHLWILLE hand tools ranging from car repair tools, pullers, tube handling tools, hammer chisels, pliers, cutters, wrenches and screwdrivers.

Wed, 15 December 2021 13:23:pm

Cameca Microanalytic Instrumentation and Metrology

CAMECA is the world's leading supplier of microanalytic and metrological instrumentation in research and process control and PT Fajar Mas Murni is the official distributor of CAMECA in Indonesia.

Tue, 07 December 2021 07:33:am

Arctiko True Cooling Specialist

ARCTIKO – True Cooling Specialist, can be your first and best choice as a state-of-the-art cooling and freezing solution that can be customized as needed, especially in healthcare and life sciences.

Thu, 02 December 2021 07:33:am

PT Fajar Mas Murni menyediakan produk-produk laboratorium dari Sakura Finetek

PT Fajar Mas Murni menyediakan produk-produk untuk menunjang penelitian di laboratorium termasuk pada bidang patologi. Salah satu mitra PT FMM dalam pengembangan metode inovatif di bidang patologi ialah Sakura Finetek Japan Co., Ltd. Sebagai salah satu distributor eksklusif dari produsen merk internasional di Indonesia, PT Fajar Mas Murni selalu mengedepankan kualitas dan kepuasan pelanggan.

Tue, 23 November 2021 11:33:am

Siemens Energy Trusting PT Fajar Mas Murni to advertise their products in Indonesia

Siemens Energy is an energy company formed by part of the former Gas and Power division of the Siemens Group and includes a 67% stake in Siemens Gamesa. Trusting PT Fajar Mas Murni to advertise their products in Indonesia.

Fri, 19 November 2021 10:30:am

Epiroc well-known as mining and construction equipment manufacturers

Epiroc is one of many well-known mining and construction equipment manufacturers, who trust us to advertise their products. Starting from the mining and rock excavation engineering business area as well as Atlas Copco's Hydraulic Attachment Tools division.

Mon, 15 November 2021 07:33:am

Hitachi-High Tech trust PT Fajar Mas Murni to be distribute their products in Indonesia

Hitachi-High Tech is a well-known electronics manufacturer from Japan who trusts PT Fajar Mas Murni to advertise their products in Indonesia. Globally they are expanding their four business segments namely Medical Science & Systems, Electronic Device Systems, Industrial Systems and Advanced Industrial Products.

Wed, 10 November 2021 12:30:pm

Ingersoll-Rand available at PT Fajar Mas Murni

Ingersoll-Rand is a manufacturer of mining equipment, assembly tools, lifting materials and road construction equipment who trust us to advertise their products. PT Fajar Mas Murni provides several superior products from this famous brand from the United States.

Wed, 13 November 2019 07:45:am

Acceptance of the "Best vendor 2019 spare parts category" award

PT Fajar Mas Murni received an award as “Best vendor, Spare parts category”.  This award was presented at the 2019 vendor gathering at Harper Hotel Purwakarta, 12 November 2019 by PT Pupuk Kujang.

Fri, 10 January 2020 13:55:pm

Product launch Asia Pacific 2019

On December 12, 2019 PT Fajar Mas Murni and Ingersoll Rand held the launching of the "next generation r-series air compressor type RS132-160i, RS90-160i e" with the speaker Mr. William Seow located at the Java Palace Hotel Cikarang.

Mon, 01 April 2019 09:27:am

Inauguration Of a New Building in Makassar

On March 14, 2019 PT Fajar Mas Murni held a reopening of a new building in Makassar. For all the consumers and employees of PT Fajar Mas Murni, big thanks for the support given, we will always provide our best services wherever and whenever in Indonesia.

Mon, 25 March 2019 09:40:am

UI Career & Schoolarship Expo 2019

In order to facilitate graduates who will enter the workforce and graduates who will continue their education at the University of Indonesia (CDC-UI) Career Development Center as a center for career development and quality of human resources under the UI Alumni Relations Directorate, they will hold an expo entitled UI CAREER & SCHOLARSHIP EXPO XXVII 2019.

Wed, 09 May 2018 09:21:am

Stahlwille Product Seminar

One Day Seminar - StahlwilleTools Solutions for Aerospace

Mon, 22 January 2018 09:54:am

Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 : The 28th International Manufacturing, Machinery, Equipment, Materials and Services Exhibition

Manufacturing Indonesia is Asia’s largest international manufacturing exhibition providing a professional business platform for Indonesia’s manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Indonesia is well known and respected among industry professionals. The sh

Mon, 02 October 2017 21:16:pm

INT Group Spare-Parts Marketing Program (Part IV) CUSTOMER CARE PROGRAM – INT DIVISION

INT division’s Marketing Program with Customer Care Program (CPP) concentrate is re-held at October 29th, 2017 and is located at Hilton Hotel, Bandung. “Energy Saving & Piping System Optimization” is the main theme in the program.

Mon, 02 October 2017 21:14:pm

Dumai INT Group Spare-Parts Marketing Program

This program was held at Grand Zuri Hotel Meeting Room - Dumai and was attended by 20 representatives from 10 companies that are located at Dumai area. The speakers was Mr. Agus Wijayanto, ST (Service Manager – Service Group – PT. Fajar Mas Murni) and Mr.