Epiroc well-known as mining and construction equipment manufacturers


Epiroc well-known as mining and construction equipment manufacturers

PT Fajar Mas Murni is one of the national private companies engaged in trading services. Become an agent of various products that are widely used in the fields of industry, construction, mining, research and health to build various economic sectors in Indonesia.

From year to year PT Fajar Mas Murni continues to grow by always improving the achievement and quality of company services to customers. Committed to applying the principles of occupational safety and health (K3) in all company activities.

Epiroc is one of many well-known mining and construction equipment manufacturers, who trust us to advertise their products. Starting from the mining and rock excavation engineering business area as well as Atlas Copco's Hydraulic Attachment Tools division.

Epiroc is formed to be the ideal partner to strengthen your business. By building proven expertise and performance with repeat customers as well as new clients.

With a variety of automation features to choose from, you can find the perfect solution for your rotary blast drilling needs using Epiroc products. We recommend the DM30 II Blasthole Drills which are capable of penetrating 140mm to 200mm holes. There is also the DM45 50 which has a very strong swivel tricon and a bottom hole hammer drill for 140mm - 225mm holes.

For surface drill rig for open rig and aggregate quarrying, Epiroc has the AirRoc T35 + Atlas Copco capable of drilling holes up to 102 mm in diameter in open pit mining and rock quarrying. PT Fajar Mas Murni also markets Epiroc's advanced drilling tools for surface construction, quarrying aggregates and limestone.

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