Ingersoll-Rand available at PT Fajar Mas Murni


Ingersoll-Rand available at PT Fajar Mas Murni

As one of the best heavy equipment distributors in Indonesia, PT Fajar Mas Murni always puts quality and customer’s satisfaction first. Our thanks and appreciation to the well-known manufacturers who have trusted us for about 43 years to advertise your products. Ingersoll-Rand is a manufacturer of mining equipment, assembly tools, lifting materials and road construction equipment who trust us to advertise their products. PT Fajar Mas Murni provides several superior products from this famous brand from the United States. We have three classifications of Ingersoll-Rand product types to suit your needs, namely Compressor Systems, Power Tools, as well as Lifting & Material Handling.

A. Compressor System Products

Ingersoll-Rand air compressors are made with superior components and backed by our worldwide parts and service organization, providing the support you need to keep your business running. We stand behind our products and services and beside our customers during planning, installation, and maintenance.

  1. 1. Small Reciprocating
  2. 2. Small Rotary
  3. 3. Large Rotary/Oil Flooded Rotary
  4. 4. Oil Free Rotary
  5. 5. Centrifugal
  6. 6. Dryers (Refrigerated & Desiccant) & Filter

B. Power Tools Products

For more than 100 years, professionals have relied on Ingersoll Rand for quality and performance on the toughest jobs. Our advanced engineering and manufacturing have a standard of excellence often copied, but never matched. When it comes to assembly tools, industrial tools, cordless tools and vehicle service tools, don't settle for less. Count on genuine Ingersoll-Rand tools, accessories, and equipment.

  1. 1. Impact Wrenches
  2. 2. Ratchets
  3. 3. Cordless Tools
  4. 4. Drills
  5. 5. Torque Multipliers
  6. 6. Calibration Equipment
  7. 7. Sanders, Polisher and Buffers
  8. 8. Grinders
  9. 9. Cutting Tools
  10. 10. Needle and Chisel Scalers
  11. 11. Hammers
  12. 12. Construction Tools
  13. 13. Barring Motors
  14. 14. Air Motors
  15. 15. Air Starters

C. Lifting & Material Handling Products

Since 1924, Ingersoll-Rand has been building extremely durable and reliable hoists, winches and ergonomic systems. Built tough to work in the harshest environments, count on Ingersoll-Rand for lifting products that are Beyond Tough.

  1. 1. Hoist
  2. 2. Winch
  3. 3. BOP Handling Systems
  4. 4. Balancer
  5. 5. Handling Devices/End Effectors
  6. 6. Support Structure

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