Stahlwille can be available at PT Fajar Mas Murni


Stahlwille can be available at PT Fajar Mas Murni

PT Fajar Mas Murni (PT FMM) was established in 1973 as a trading company engaged in general importer and heavy equipment agency. Headquartered in Jakarta and branches spread throughout Indonesia including Lhokseumawe, Medan, Batam, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Bandung, Cilacap, Semarang, Bontang, Cilegon, Surabaya and Balikpapan. Starting as a general importer in early 1973, PT Fajar Mas Murni has grown into a trading company and manufacturer representing well-known brand products since 11 May 1978.

As one of the few companies in the hand tool business, STAHLWILLE is committed to Germany as a manufacturing location. They believe that only there STAHLWILLE can guarantee compliance with their ambitious quality targets i.e. each product must exceed the requirements set out in the standard. STAHLWILLE develops and manufactures its tools using state-of-the-art processes at three locations in Germany.

Made in Germany since 1862. Long before "Made in Germany" was adopted as a quality assurance, Eduard Wille realized that the highest attainable quality standards were the key to good development and production. At the company site in Wuppertal Cronenberg, Wille erected one of the most modern forging tools in Europe. The products created by him and his team soon earned them an excellent reputation.

Fifty-five percent of STAHLWILLE's production equipment is exported to more than 90 countries. The company supplies a close network of distributors and has its own sales depots in the US and China. STAHLWILLE's dedication to quality is reflected in several awards. One of them is the coveted "If Design Award" in the industrial design category. STAHLWILLE have been awarded the prize four times: in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2017. In 2015, they were also nominated for the "German Design Award".

PT Fajar Mas Murni provides various types of STAHLWILLE hand tools ranging from car repair tools, pullers, tube handling tools, hammer chisels, pliers, cutters, wrenches and screwdrivers. Apart from selling hand tools, they also provide Repair Services, Calibration Services and Technical Support to their customers worldwide.

Other featured STAHLWILLE products available are:

1. Torque tools, Torque testers.
2. Impact sockets, Power tool drives and Adaptors, Bits.
3. Socket inserts, drive parts & Adaptors for manual drives.
4. Spanners.
5. Factory and Workshop Equipment, Sets of Tools

If you have some technical questions about STAHLWILLE products, STAHLWILLE software solutions or specific projects? Or maybe you need to do torque repair, transducer or instrument test? PT Fajar Mas Murni will gladly help you to get these services and services easily.

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