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Columbus McKinnon - Yale Hoist & Crane

PT Fajar Mas Murni as the distributor of CMCO in Indonesia which has been integrated with the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), always strives to implement customer satisfaction and provide Product Knowledge (Product Training) on an ongoing basis to customers, and is ready to provide the best support if there are problems in the process. installation, operation of the product or help provide solutions if there are problems with the product.

We advertise the Columbus McKinnon (CMCO) product’s, the best-in-class and most competitive wire rope hoist on the market today. With industry-leading safety features, flexible configurations and a wide range of options. Includes longer lifts, special control options and features for hazardous environments. The following are the specifications for two CMCO products, namely Top Running Integral Axle and Yale Global King Electric Wire Rope Hoist:

A. Top Running Integral Axle

Over the years, these products from Yale Hoists have been recognized for their durability and reliability. Its legendary performance has made it the preferred truck by crane makers for single and double girder applications. This popular truck is available for CMAA Class C and D service requirements, which includes meeting the bearing life requirements of 10,000 hours of service. Features a Standard Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controlled Motor which is capable of providing more torque and cooler operation for superior performance and longer life. Extends drive train life and reduces load swing.

Among the features and benefits of the Top Running Integral Axle, namely having five wheel sizes (115mm, 160mm, 200mm, 260mm and 305mm for various capacities and applications), bolted rails that are bolted with bumpers so that they can be quickly removed and make it easier for wheel inspection. Features bolted top and side girder joint plates, enabling easy installation and reduced shipping costs for larger crane equipment or dual support systems. Oversized hand holes allow easy access to the connection plate bolts, there are no exposed gears because the bearings on the 115 mm and 160 mm wheels are sealed and lubricated, and the bearings on the larger roller wheels are individually lubricated.

Didesain dengan motor yang dikendalikan sesuai standar VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE (VFD), sehingga mampu memberikan lebih banyak torsi dan operasi yang lebih dingin untuk kinerja unggul dan masa pakai yang lebih lama. Memperpanjang umur drive train dan mengurangi ayunan beban. Tersedia untuk plug & play crane kits yang dirancang untuk aplikasi balok tunggal.

CMCO Bearing Spec

Notes: Gear motors are  S3-40% rated or both Class C and D applications. Per CMAA 5.2.7, time rating depends on analysis of actual service requirements.

B. Yale Global King Electric Wire Rope Hoist

The Yale Global King and Shaw-Box World Series monorail hoists are heavy-duty hoists with low headroom built to provide long life with higher lifting speeds and precise positioning control. This electric wire rope hoist features a two speed motor and oil lubricated triple reduction gear. Has hoist motion limit switch standard upper and lower gear control circuit. An additional block-operated upper control circuit limit switch is also provided as standard equipment. The hoist overload limit switch prevents excessive overload lifting.

The following features and uses of this tool are, it has a triple reduction hoist gear in the form of a lubricated oil bath, operating in an oil-tight cast aluminum gear case. 2-Speed Motor with a 4:1 ratio from high to low speed. Low speeds provide precise load handling, while high speeds allow fast throughput. The Wire Rope Drum Machine is made of quality steel and is deep grooved with rope guides to help ensure the rope stays in the groove. Reeved to the lower block with low headroom for minimum headroom and maximum lift.

Features a wire rope attached to the drum with 3 heavy, tenacious iron clamps and is designed to have an additional 3 turns of wire rope on the drum with the rope at full extension (low hook). The trunnion latch mounted on the bearing rotates 360 degrees and swings back and forth 180 degrees for easier load adjustment. It features standard upper and lower control gear limits, additional block-operated upper control circuit limits as standard and an overload limit hoist switch prevents excessive lifting of overloads.

Electronic Hoist Monitoring Card: The hoist comes standard with a Pulse™ Monitor Card that records critical information that can simplify troubleshooting and help reduce maintenance costs. It has two wheels, one driven on each side of the frame for maximum traction and uniform tracking. Hoist and trolley controls are housed in a common NEMA 4/12 enclosure with hoist motion monitor, motor thermal overload, overcapacity limit switch and more.

Crane direction labels are now standard on all Yale® and Shaw-Box® Plug & Play Crane Kits. Self-adhesive, highly visible 8" x 8" label makes it easy to attach to the underside of the crane. Capacity from 1 to 20 tons and a maximum lifting height of 60 ft or 18.2 m. The hoist speed is 6.1/1.5 m/min, hoist and trolley motor are 3.75/0.94 kW and 0.38/0.13 kW.

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