Epiroc FlexiROC T45


Epiroc FlexiROC T45

PT Fajar Mas Murni is a national private company engaged in trading services (Trading Company). Become an agent of various products that are widely used in the fields of industry, construction, mining, research and health to build various economic sectors in Indonesia. Epiroc is one of many well-known mining and construction equipment manufacturers, who trust us to market their products.

In this article, we will review 8 types of Surface Drill Rig machines and other equipment produced by Epiroc, namely FlexiROC T45, FlexiROC T35, FlexiROC T40, PowerROC T50, PowerROC T45, PowerROC T35, PowerROC T25 DC, AirROC T35 and D50.

1. FlexiROC T45

Efficient and versatile in all conditions. Designed for construction work in high performance. It is an efficient alternative to medium size open pit mines. Even in the toughest terrain, this rig can perform effectively thanks to its long boom reach and low center of gravity.

Compared to other rigs on the market, the FlexiROC T45 has 50% less hose and 70% less clutch. This construction reduces the risk of leakage because hydraulic functions and electronic modules are located adjacent to their functions, components are easily accessible for maintenance.

The FlexiROC T45 is equipped with Epiroc's reliable and highly productive rock drill control system, COP Logic. This system is upgradable and ready for future updates, it is the most advanced system on the market. Proportional feed and impact torque management allows the rig to drill more efficiently even under the most difficult conditions.

All Epiroc’s products are of course have a certain quality equipment that still needs to be serviced regularly to ensure it maintains its best performance. Therefore, PT Fajar Mas Murni ensures that all customers will easily get Epiroc Service Solutions.

A service that offers peace of mind, maximizing availability and performance throughout the life of your equipment. We focus on safety, productivity and reliability. By combining genuine parts and Epiroc service from our certified technicians, we maintain your productivity – wherever you are.

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