Ingersoll Rand Dryer Functions and Models D480IN-A


Ingersoll Rand Dryer Functions and Models D480IN-A

In this article, we will discuss the working process of the dryer installed on the Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor. It should be noted that Ingersoll Rand has two types of dryers, namely Refrigerant Dryer and Desiccant Dryer. Starting from one of the dryer models, the D480IN-A model, which has a very simple operating system. The working system of this dryer is almost the same as the working principle of the Air Conditioner (AC) in our homes using freon.

This air dryer uses an electric power source with a pressure of 220 volts. At the back of the dryer there is a pipe connection for air connection in and out. The Refrigerant Air Dryer working process can be monitored via the control panel. The process starts from the compressor air entering the air dryer through the inlet pipe connection (red line), then enters the evaporator (blue line) the air section which functions to cool the air.

After being cooled by the evaporator, there is a change in temperature which causes condensation and then produces water. After that the water will be discharged through the Drain Trap which turns the air dry and clean. Then the air will come out of the Air Dryer which is indicated by the green line. There is a symbol on the control panel to monitor several functions whether the Air Dryer is working normally or not.

1. The Compressor symbol functions to run Freon. The pressure on this Freon is 80 PSI.

2. Hot Gas Valve serves to regulate the size of the incoming Freon. Then the Hot Gas Valve leads to the Discharge which has a pressure of 170 PSI.

3. Condenser serves to cool Freon using a Fan Motor.

There are three light indicators, namely compressor, auto drain and fan motor indicators. Under the light indicator there is a Dew Point Level, if conditions are normal then the dew point will be at the green level. If the position is at the yellow level, it indicates an abnormal condition or warning has occurred.

In general, the air around us contains a lot of water and the level of humidity of course depends on the temperature in the environment. For example, the weather or air in winter can make our skin very dry. Likewise, with the air compressor so that a dryer is needed to turn moist air into dry, that is the function of the air dryer. Please contact us for more information and reservations.

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