Hettich Lab Technology products to support research in laboratories such as incubators, micro pipettes and shakers.


Hettich Lab Technology products to support research in laboratories such as incubators, micro pipettes and shakers.

PT Fajar Mas Murni as the exclusive distributor of international brand manufacturers has experience in marketing superior products and providing after-sales service for customers. Thanks to its work ethic and following technological developments, PT FMM continues to develop into a major supplier of various types of equipment and spare parts to support the majority of Indonesia's economic sector development. Including products to support research in laboratories such as incubators, micro pipettes and shakers.

HETTICH is a leading company in the field of laboratory equipment, particularly known for its centrifuges. Founded in 1904 in Tuttlingen, Germany, the company continues to innovate to offer cutting-edge products to support research progress. HETTICH centrifuges and incubators are rugged devices with high precision, guaranteeing safety, quality and reliability. Many options are available for application in all areas of research: biotechnology, clinical, pharmaceutical and food. Different formats are available to suit the size of your laboratory: centrifuge or stand, automatic or manual. PT FMM is the official distributor of HETTICH products in Indonesia.

Among the HETTICH products currently being marketed by PT Fajar Mas Murni are incubators, micro pipettes and shakers. The HettCube range of incubators provide cost savings and environmental benefits, creating optimal conditions for culture growth with very low power consumption. The HettCube is equipped with or without cooling capability and range capacities from 150-520 liters.

HETTICH offers a microbiological shaker or shaker, with a maximum load of 10 kg. Shakers are available in three sets. Each shaker and platform combination comprises one complete unit. The unit can be disassembled and put into service immediately and can operate the shaker outside of the incubator.

Introducing HETTLITE as one of the new product lines, HETTLITE brings a range of quality pipettes indispensable to the sophisticated laboratory user. HETTLITE comes at an affordable price to provide value and efficiency to the research and laboratory markets. All HETTLITE pipettes are fully autoclavable, lightweight, durable and reliable. Ergonomically designed, suitable for left-handers, UV resistant, CE certified and able to stand on its own. HETLLITE offers both single and multi-channel pipettes. For single channel pipettes, the volume ranges from 0.1-5,000?L. Dual channel (8 or 12 channels) micropipettes come in a volume range of 0.5-300?L.

We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure a long life for your HETTICH centrifuge. Reduce unnecessary repair costs by following these recommendations. We recommend using a daily or weekly regular time setting. Make it a habit to turn off the device and disconnect the centrifuge from the power source. Use appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment, eg rubber gloves) when cleaning. It is recommended to use a mild detergent with a pH value of 5-8 or 70% alcohol solution and a slightly damp paper towel to clean the surface of the device.

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