Micro Turbine FlexEnergy Flex GT250S


Micro Turbine FlexEnergy Flex GT250S

In order to meet market needs, PT Fajar Mas Murni cooperates with a well-known small gas turbine generator manufacturer (micro turbine) from the United States, namely FlexEnergy. FlexEnergy Solutions provide superior power solutions at the highest value and lowest cost. FlexEnergy continues to expand its international reach, strengthen client partnerships and focus on addressing and helping reduce greenhouse gases from electricity shipments worldwide.

Let's discuss the specifications of the FlexEnergy micro turbine that PT FMM is marketing in Indonesia. There are three types of micro turbines, namely Flex GT250S, Flex GT333S and Flex GT1300S. First, the Flex Turbine GT250S which to date continues to reduce emissions and generate energy worldwide for commercial or industrial facilities, landfills, anaerobic digester plants, offshore oil platforms and oil & gas fields.

Among the main features of the GT250S are its high system efficiency, being an ideal synchronous generator for off-grid oil & gas applications, equipped with grid-parallel, isolated grid or dual mode operation. Produces low emissions beyond established environmental standards and has more than two million hours of experimental fleet operation. Equipped with advanced controls such as closed transition dual mode functionality and remote monitoring capabilities.

The electrical performance of the GT250S can make electricity efficient (± 2 pts) with a specification of 30% LHV without a gas booster. The electric power used is ±15 Kw with a decrease in elevation of about 8.80 kW per 1000 feet (305 m). The GT250S is the first micro-turbine to be certified under the 2007 California Air Resource Board (CARB) emission standards. The gas turbine is roughly reciprocating component with oil lubricated bearings and a high H?S tolerance of up to 6500 ppmv. The following is an overview of the GT250S gas turbine cycle:

FlexEnergy Flex GT250S

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