Allmand products are marketed by PT Fajar Mas Murni in Indonesia


Allmand products are marketed by PT Fajar Mas Murni in Indonesia

PT Fajar Mas Murni is an Indonesian limited liability company. In a relatively short period of time, PT FMM's business scope has grown steadily and is now well established as a major supplier of various types of equipment and essential materials, which are used to support development in almost all sectors of the Indonesian economy.

PT FMM provides complete professional services to customers throughout Indonesia. In addition, the company is also committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and health for all company employees and preventing environmental pollution. We perform all activities with proper protection against exposure to hazardous materials. Including the safety and health of the general public at risk around us. PT FMM observes all applicable laws and regulations regarding quality, safety, health and environment to minimize the impact of environmental pollution.

In the last few years, PT Fajar Mas Murni has become a producer of Allmand products in Indonesia. Allmand has more than 80 years of experience providing the most reliable and robust light, heat, electricity and air products to the rental, construction, mining, oil and gas and special events markets, so customers can keep their job high-quality.

Founded in 1938 in a small garage in the small town of Huntley, Nebraska. Allmand promises quality, high-performance equipment built with on-site application expertise. Allmand is part of a global powerhouse. Backed by Briggs & Stratton - the trusted leader in electrical equipment. Allmand is constantly developing new innovations and producing durable products to support your work every day.

Among Allmand products that PT Fajar Mas Murni markets in Indonesia are Light Towers or light towers with long and efficient runtime features. A lower risk application, Allmand light towers are built with the durability and performance you want. Reliable to maximize job site lighting all night long. The Night-Lite Pro II® V-Series® is the main Allmand product that PT FMM sells.

We offer four different machine models to meet your job site needs. The V-series® features a vertical tower with the power cord encased in a Nycoil™ flexible tube to eliminate tangling, stretching and protecting the tower cable. SHO-HD fixtures provide 135,500 lumens per lamp, more than competitive light towers. With a 30 gallons polyethylene fuel tank and full liquid containment system, this light tower is capable of holding up to 110% of all on-board liquids to protect sensitive environments from accidental leaks and spills.

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