Piller VapoFan

Piller VapoFan

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Product Description

PILLER, the leader in Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) Blowers, has an improved solution for low flow MVR applications. For over 30 years PILLER has offered low flow high speed MVR Blowers and now – through our continuous improvement program – we are offering our VapoFan series. This series of MVR Blowers offers advanced performance with improved reliability in a standard equipment offering


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Dimensions & Weight
  • Weights : approx. 400 kg – 600 kg
  • Height : approx. 1.60 m – 2.20 m
  • Width : approx. 1.50 m x 1.00 m
High Speed Blower
  • Performance : up to 10 K temperature rise single stage
  • Casing material : Duplex
  • Impeller materials :
    - Welded : Super Duplex
    - Milled : 17-4PH for high mass flow units
  • Shaft seal (4 rings) : water/vapor buffer or vacuum suction
Drive Train

The drive train is a perfectly matched system of the synchronous high speed motor and the VFD cabinet.

High Speed Motor
  • 90 kW, motor speed up to 11,000 rpm
  • 55/37/22 kW, motor speed up to 13,500 rpm
  • Hybrid ceramic bearing L10h = 40,000 h
  • Automatic regreasing


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