Derived from FlexEnergy, a manufacturer of small gas turbine generators (microturbines) and custom-fit heat exchangers, FlexEnergy Solutions expedites commercial accessibility of and outstanding localized service for the Flex Turbine®. Our supply chain is 95% USA based.

We provide on- and off-grid power that’s always on, so our customers can save money and focus on their business without interruption. From our field service teams to our engineers and support staff, we work together to provide value to our customers with power solutions that are reliable, clean, and simple. Each feature of the Flex Turbine solution is beneficial in helping our customers perform better. Combined, they deliver total product value.

Industrial, commercial, and remote facilities that have a consistent need for reliable, scalable, and low emissions power benefit from our ability to administer the highest level of service and expertise available quickly and economically.

FlexEnergy Products