WACKER is a market leader in silicone antifoam agents. Our SILFOAM®AK Silicone fluid lines create a highly efficient product portfolio that is not only remarkable for its depth and breadth, but also meets the demands of markets all around the world. Our foam-control systems are general-purpose, ready-to-use products that are easy to process, economical, and individually tailored to your demands. There are silicone antifoam compounds, silicone antifoam powder, emulsion and fluids described on technical models.

Economical in use and easy to process, as well as being versatile and tailored to customer needs, the SILFOAM®product line comprises customized, ready-to-use antifoam agents for a great many key industries. Whether you’re active in the textiles, detergents, cleaning products, pulp, petrochemicals, dispersions, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, food, biotech, fermentation or wastewater treatment sectors – SILFOAM®SILFAR ®and PULPSIL®provide the ideal foam-control system for any application: in liquid and solid media or in powder, compound, self-dispersing and emulsion form.

POWERSOFT® silicone fluid emulsions improve the surface smoothness of fabrics and provide textiles with a very soft, flowing and elastic hand.

SILFOAM® effectively reduces unwanted foam during the washing process. In pulp and paper manufacturing, unwanted foaming occurs during numerous production steps.

PULPSIL® Pulp Defoamers reduce water and energy consumption, boost pulp quality and reduce bleaching-agent consumption.

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