Infinity - Dual Purpose Winch

Infinity - Dual Purpose Winch

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Product Description

Ingersoll Rand Dual Purpose winches are designed to maximize the use of your equipment. They combine the time-tested, rugged durability of our standard Infinity winches with enhanced safety features for lifting personnel. In environments where dedicated Man Rider® winches are not required, Ingersoll Rand Dual Purpose winches offer you the versatility to lift people and material with one winch. They are ideally suited for lifting multiple people or personnel platforms.


  • Rugged all steel construction and fabricated steel frames for longer life
  • Powerful radial piston air motor provides reliable power and adjustable speed
  • Self-cleaning KSC2 control valve improves flow and performance


  • Adjustable drum guard provides protection for winch operators
  • Lift-to-Shift variable speed lever provides precise control and built-in safety
  • ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 compliance standard


  • Built-in lifting lugs designed for lifting the weight of the winch plus wire rope
  • Minimum 18:1 drum diameter to wire rope diameter reduces wire rope wear
  • Integrated gearbox-in-drum design for use in compact applications


Capacity 1.445 - 5 Tons



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