Air Chain Hoist

Air Chain Hoist

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Product Description

Air chain hoists are the ideal choice when high speed, high duty-cycle, precision spotting, and the ability to operate in harsh environments are the determining factors. This section highlights our offering of production hoists ranging in capacity from 0.125 to 6 metric tons.

The MLK and HLK Series hoists have proven themselves for years in the most difficult environments. The 7700 and 7790 Series hoists are renowned for exceptional speed  and load control.  The CLK Series hoist offer superior load control and low air consumption.

Features :

  • Meets Specifications

  • Rugged, lightweight and compact design

  • Disc brake is non-asbestos and spring engaged with air release

  • Quiet operation <75 dBA sound levels

  • Upper and lower limit stops prevent dangerous over-travel of the hook

  • Full flow pendent for maximum control and enhanced load positioning

  • 100% duty cycle multi-vane (6) air motor

  • Hook or trolley mounted versions available

  • Steel snap hooks with safety latches

  • Standard lift is 10 feet; additional lifts are available

  • Standard pendent length is 6 feet or 4 feet less than lift


Capacity 0.125 - 6 metric ton



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