Top-Running Integral-Axle Tube-Frame End Trucks

Top-Running Integral-Axle Tube-Frame End Trucks

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For years, Yale Hoists' integrated-rotating-axle, tube-frame end trucks have been known for their durability and dependability. Their legendary performance has made them the preferred end truck by crane builders for both single- and double-girder applications.

These popular end trucks are available for CMAA Class C and D service requirements, which includes meeting the bearing life requirement of 10,000 service hours.


5 Wheel Sizes Available
115mm, 160mm, 200mm, 260mm and new 305mm for a wide range of capacities and applications.

Bolted Rail Sweeps with Bumpers
Sweeps can be quickly removed for easy inspection of wheels.

Bolted Top & Side Girder Connection Plates
Allow for easy installation and reduced shipping costs for larger crane kits and double girder systems.

Oversized Hand Holes
Large hand holes allow for easy access to the connection plate bolts.

Rotating-Axle Driver & Trailer Wheels
No exposed gearing. Bearings on 115 mm and 160 mm wheels are sealed and lubricated. Bearings on larger, roller-bearing-type wheels are individually lubricated through grease fittings.

Motor, Drive & Rectified Brake
Factory assembled together for easy installation in the field.

Standard Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controlled Motors
Provide more torque and cooler operation for superior performance and longer life. Extends the life of the drive train and reduces load swing.

Available for Plug & Play Crane Kits
Available for use as part of our Plug & Play Crane Kits designed for single-girder applications.



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