Leica DM1750 M

Leica DM1750 M

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Product Description

With a focus on tasks in the material lab or research

The new Leica DM1750 M is a material microscope designed for rapid, accurate analysis results even for a use in rough ambient conditions.

Working with the Leica DM1750 M you will see, how simple and reliable microscopy can be. Its robust design contains an excellent optical system and allows the inspection even of larger samples, in brightfield, oblique- or with polarized light. The entire reflected light illumination is carried out with Power-LEDs which allow an inspection with different illumination angles, especially suitable for the detection of micro scratches or for gaining height information.


General Characteristic
Applications Industry and Manufacture
Stand type Materials analysis microscope in upright configuration for larger samples. With integrated protection and ergonomic features
Contrast methods Brightfield (RL BF), POL (RL POL), oblique illumination, differential interference contrast (RL DIC)
Objective nosepiece 6× BF M25 or 7× BF M25
Tubes Binocular tube 30° or 45° w/wo integrated eyepieces – Trinocular camera tube 30° or 45° w/wo integrated eyepieces – Upright image binocular/trinocular tube – 10x/20 FOV fixed eyepieces, 10x/20 FOV focusing eyepieces, 10x/22 FOV focusing eyepieces
Objective turret / objectives

HI PLAN EPI objectives 5x, 10x, 20x.

N PLAN EPI objectives 2.5x–100x.

PLAN Fluotar objectives 1.25x–100x

Scope Unit
Illumination High-power LEDs with additional integrated segmented lighting for oblique illumination. 25,000 hour service lifetime, no lamp replacement, integrated aperture diaphragm for contrast control, continuously adjustable intensity without change to the color im


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