Leica DM4 M & DM6 M

Leica DM4 M & DM6 M

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Product Description

Do you need to image, measure, and analyze similar features across many samples and materials science and analysis? The Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M are the Industrial Microscopes for you, whether microscopy novice or professional.

Use the Leica DM4 M for manual routine inspection
Use the Leica DM6 M for fully automated materials analysis
You can easily recall previous microscope settings and instantly reproduce imaging parameters with the unique Store and Recall software functions. For every sample type.

One-button Intelligent Automation makes your repetitive work easy. Reduce training time, improve your workflow, and get brilliant imaging results every time with the microscopes that don’t forget.


General Characteristic
Applications Industry and Manufacture


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