Leica DM2000 & 2000 LED

Leica DM2000 & 2000 LED

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Product Description

Ergonomic System Microscopes for Complex Clinical Applications Leica DM2000 & DM2000 LED
With their sophisticated modular design and high-performance fluorescence, the Leica DM2000 microscopes are ideal for complex tasks in pathology, cytology, and many other applications. For special diagnostics requirements, the microscope is certified for in-vitro-diagnostics (IVD) like in-vitro-fertilization (IVF).

The Leica DM2000 microscopes can be configured with a variety of optics and contrast techniques to meet the specific requirements of demanding applications.
Leica DM2000 is available in two versions, with bright halogen illumination, or with long-life LED.


General Characteristic
Applications Life science dan research

- Height adjustable focus knoob

- 5 focus function  

- 6-fold objective turret

- 4x, 10x, 40x brightness syncrhronized objective, 100x oil

- Ceramic-coated stage


- Integrated power supply

- Variable Koehler illumination

- Ergotube 15° viewing angle FOV 22

TL Axis

- 12 V/ 30 W halogen lamp

- Filter magazine for 3 filters

- Achr. Apl. Flip top condenser with color coding

- BF, DF, PH, POL contrast method

Fluo Axis

- 50 W/ 100 W Hg

- Slider with 3 positions for filter cubes


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