Our Solutions

Our 13 solutions cover a wide range of fields, from construction to mining to education to healthcare, just to name a few. Let’s find out what they are-all of them-here.


PT Fajar Mas Murni provides support on fully basic laboratory setup through many worldwide brand instruments that offers a comprehensive range of solutions. From microscopes for training and routine tasks to high-end system solutions in the basic observation up to the life sciences, there is a suitable system for every need. The product portfolio is supplemented by innovative laboratory equipment for cell research applications and the latest technologies, which make it easier for users to work at all levels.

Laboratory Furnace

Cryogenic freezer

-90°C - Ultra Low Temperature Freezers


Microbiological Safety cabinet Class II

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

-86°C - Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

Microbiological Safety cabinet Class IIB

Microbiological Safety cabinet Class III

Microbiological Safety cabinet Class I

Vertical laminar airflow cabinets

Fume cupboards

-60°C - Chest Low Temperature Freezers

Horizontal Laminar airflow cabinets

-45°C - Chest Low Temperature Freezers

-40°C - Upright Low Temperature Freezers

-30 / -10°C - Biomedical Freezers


STX Series