SS175/SS350 Series

SS175/SS350 Series

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Product Description

For engine displacement of: Diesel–200 to 1200 CID (3 to 20 liters) Carburated–400 to 2400 CID (6 to 40 liters)

Features :
- Sealed for use in air or gas applications
- Rugged 36 hp motor on SS350; 18 hp motor on SS175
- Overhung pre-engaged pinion design for fit-up flexibility
- Backcap ports for injection lubricating

Versatility :
- Left- and right-hand rotation available
- 4 inlet, 4 exhaust, and 12 housing orientations
- 90-150 psi (6.2-10.3 bars) operation
- Compact, lightweight design makes installation easir
- SAE01 and SAE03 flanges fit most worldwide manufacturers’ engines


Performance Information
Pressure PSI (bar) 90-150 (6.2-10.3)
Max Power HP (kw) 10-36 (7-27)
Flow @Max HP SCFM (L/s) 300-900 (142-425)
Breakaway Torque B Ratio ft-lb (Nm) 30-110 (41-149)
Breakaway Torque E Ratio ft-lb (Nm) 42-160 (57-217)
Speed @Max HP B Ratio (RPM) 2900-4100
Speed @Max HP E Ratio (RPM) 2000-2800



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